How To: Online Marketing For Restaurants

As a restaurant owner you will face many trials and tribulations including increasing food costs, arising competition, and staff turnover – all of which you are able to overcome as long as customers are walking through your doors. Whether you are a new restaurant or an old favorite, a strong marketing plan is the key to a thriving business. Check out these 5 must-have points to a successful restaurant marketing plan:

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Organic Reach on Social Media

I’m sure many of you are wondering why organic reach on social media is declining. Business owners and page admins seem to think that since Facebook is pushing advertising that they aren’t showing non-paid posts at all anymore, when really the cause is over saturation of the market. As of January 2014 there 1.13 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 54.2 million total Facebook pages. All of these users and pages sharing content has resulted in a very competitive news feed. Further increasing that competition, the number of pages the typical Facebook user “likes” or follows has grown 50% in the last year.

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