Organic Reach on Social Media

I’m sure many of you are wondering why organic reach on social media is declining. Business owners and page admins seem to think that since Facebook is pushing advertising that they aren’t showing non-paid posts at all anymore, when really the cause is over saturation of the market. As of January 2014 there 1.13 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 54.2 million total Facebook pages. All of these users and pages sharing content has resulted in a very competitive news feed. Further increasing that competition, the number of pages the typical Facebook user “likes” or follows has grown 50% in the last year.

Another reason your organic reach could be shrinking is due to the way the news feed algorithm works. Instead of showing each user all possible content all the time the news feed only shows each person the content that seems most relevant to them. The news feed algorithm ranks posts by looking at thousands of factors relative to each person along with the quality of the content.This is why you will be a happier Facebook user if you take the time to answer surveys or give feedback on the ads you are presented with.

Now with an understanding of why the organic reach is declining you might be wondering, “how can I turn things around and get my organic reach back?” We suggest paying closer attention to your Facebook insights and using that data to adjust your content. Also, always make sure to include a strong form of media (ie. video, photo, or link). Also, Facebook says to “produce high quality content and optimize for engagement and reach”. This can be made possible with these tips:

  • Post timely and relevantly
  • Establish credibility and trust with your audience
  • Create posts your audience would want to share with their friends
  • Ask “is my post something my audience WANTS to see in their timeline?”

If you would like one-on-one assistance planning, executing, or maintaining your organic reach please let us know!

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