Instagram and Visual Social Marketing

On Facebook earlier this month we shared a Huffington Post article about the importance of utilizing Twitter and Instagram, particularly if your targeted demographic happens to be teens. In the past year the number of teens who stated Twitter is the top social site more than doubled – going from 12% to 30%. In fact, since Fall 2013 Instagram has surpassed Facebook as the “Most Important Social Site for Teens.” Other services like Twitter’s Vine and Yahoo’s Tumblr have tried to compete but haven’t quite been able to keep up as of yet with Instagram.

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You Tube and the secret to viral video marketing

In our last blog post we discussed viral content and the formula it takes to go viral. Keeping with that topic we want to specifically discuss viral videos. Last month was National Humor Month and You Tube saw no shortage of pranks caught on camera. Believe it or not there was a good amount of viral marketing videos posted as well. Our favorite was Hubspot’s Sprocket Vision video posted below. For other examples, check out this article – “9 Irresistible Viral Marketing Videos.”

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