Why Simple is Sexy

Recently we were asked, “what is your favorite website?” We immediately thought, “ours of course!” While that truth does still stand we were inspired to really define our style.

While it’s very tempting with a new site to throw out a ton of flying text and graphics, you have to consider the end user. With so many obvious targeted ads online today, it’s important for customers to know without a doubt that you are a professional institution and not a pop up ad. That is why first I believe in cleanliness. Next, do not confuse clean and simple for unsophisticated. We’ve come a long way from old school flash sites and there’s no reason your site can’t be clean and fancy. Last let’s talk functionality. What is the point of being on the world wide web if you’re not going to share information? Think, “what will my customer want or need to know about my service or product?”

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