Q: What is a Facebook Business Page, and why should your business have one?

A: A Facebook Business Page is a simple, free way to communicate with customers. It is a place where your customers can interact with you, mention you, and even promote you. It’s also a place to share exclusive deals and specials. Facebook is the largest social media site to date; it is a great platform for social media marketing and to drive your off site Google SEO.

Q: Already have a Facebook Business Page but no time to keep it updated?

A: Are you one of those small business owners that is simply too busy to mess with a silly social media profile? Enter Hayse Marketing – we will work with you to create a monthly content calendar comprised of custom text, graphic images, and hyperlinks. Don’t miss out sharing your specials, or wishing your customers well on all national and local holidays.

Q: Need a fresh look on your website?

A: When it’s time for change, Hayse Marketing is here to help. Whether you have a website that is outdated or just needs a little flare, we have all the tools you need! Google is your new front door and we want to make sure you leave a good impression with customers.

Q: Do you have a database of customer e-mails but not sure what to do with it?

A: Email Marketing is a great way to get information, specials, and deals out to your customers. We can create and manage a regular e-mail marketing newsletter for you!