How Women Affected by the Pandemic Can Start an Online Business

The following is a guest post from Carleen Moore of The Bizz Buzz.

The last couple of years have been difficult for everyone, but women, in particular, have experienced many unfortunate side effects due to the pandemic. Besides the obvious health risks, multitudes of people worldwide have lost their jobs, been isolated during enforced lockdowns, dealt with children having virtual schooling, and adjusted to new ways of doing things.

What Are Some Direct Effects on Women?

Although many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic, sources report that more women than men by far were affected during the first several months. This suggests a new uprising in gender inequality to many researchers.

Job loss not only affects women financially but also has the side effect of isolating them; many women tend to suffer emotionally without social interactions at work and elsewhere. In addition to the physical health risks of the virus itself, women also face mental health issues.

Schools and daycares were closed several times due to outbreaks or as precautionary measures. Women who were single parents but could still work faced childcare problems, adding extra stress.

Stay-at-home moms had their own problems. During school closures, many systems implemented remote learning. Moms used to have freedom while the kids were at school and suddenly not only had to stay home but also had to supervise teaching the kids.

Unfortunately, many women experienced a rise in domestic violence during lockdowns. Remaining in close quarters created extra tension, and violence towards women rose dramatically.

What Can Women Do?

Many kinds of advice are given to those negatively affected by job loss and the isolating effects of social distancing. To fight depression and stay active, several things may help:

  • Spend time outdoors or allow lots of sunlight into your home
  • Find a new hobby
  • Talk to family and friends often, using voice or video calls when you can
  • Adopt a pet
  • Eat healthy foods and exercise
  • Start a home-based online business

Would You Like to Start an Online Business?

The pandemic caused a dramatic increase in online sales because people either couldn’t go to stores or were leery of the health risks. Many people are now working from home for an employer, but more and more people are also starting home-based businesses.

If you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur, there are several kinds of businesses you can start using skills and hobbies you already possess:

  • Freelance writing
  • Social media consulting
  • Setting up an online store to sell handmade crafts
  • Working as a virtual assistant
  • Tutoring or teaching online courses

A new business can keep you from being bored. It can also improve your mental health and provide a source of income.

Is Marketing Your Business Important?

Absolutely! Marketing is essential; people won’t patronize your business if they don’t know about it, and a good marketing strategy can grow your company. There are several easy but effective ways to market your online company:

  • Use social media advertising
  • Include a business card when you ship packages
  • Network within your local community
  • Partner with other business owners
  • Consider digital advertising

Another vital marketing tool is a well-designed logo design for your brand. Your logo should be an appealing, unique, visual interpretation of your company to attract customers’ interest and promote sales. You can utilize easy-to-use online logo makers to create your own logo by choosing the style, icon, text, fonts, and colors you want, rather than paying a professional.

Are You Ready?

Women have suffered many adverse effects from the pandemic. Find more ways that are right for you to overcome them on The Mama Marketer blog


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