How Prospective Entrepreneurs Can Decide on a Winning Business

The following is a guest post from Nicola Reid of

The digital age opens so many entrepreneurial opportunities that a budding businessperson might be overwhelmed by the choices. Here are some guidelines that can help you decide which industry fits you best.

Financial Goals and Market Demand

It seems counterintuitive to plan how you’ll quit right as you’re starting, but the top investors and entrepreneurs decide on an exit strategy from the beginning. Will this endeavor be a lifelong pursuit you pass on to children, or is it a short-term investment you hope to sell? Setting a fixed goal for the amount of money you want to make and your time frame gives your work purpose and focus. Clear objectives help you narrow down which industries can net you the correct return on your investment.

Study market trends and test your ideas. Use market development strategy to define target markets and understand market analysis. However, don’t rely too much on experts. If you come up with a visionary idea and have a knack for marketing and sales, you can turn the simplest concepts into a winner.

Availability of Time and Capital

Time (not money) is your most valuable asset. You can find ways to make more money, but no one can reclaim lost time. Write out how you currently allocate your 168 weekly hours and then budget your time with a strict but realistic schedule. Don’t underestimate how much time it takes to handle assignments like accounting and marketing. If you’re not efficient at these tasks, the money spent hiring a firm can yield major dividends.

For funding, you’re not limited to what’s in your bank account. Search out freelance jobs to bring home more income. Seek out creative ways to access capital, like small business grants and microloans. If you have a few months before you officially open your doors, build your credit score. Better credit gives access to more financing and expands your business options.

If you’re still short on cash when you start, save money with inexpensive or free online tools. For instance, Facebook ads are a great way to announce your presence. One study found that over 50% of consumers who follow a company on Facebook are likely to buy a product or recommend the business to others. Get your ad launched faster with this Facebook ads maker that lets you design attractive marketing that incorporates your branding, color scheme, fonts, and logo.

Personal Strengths and Powerful Connections

Determine your strengths with a mind map. Where can you provide a unique offering? What underserved niches are you connected to? In which industries could you have the upper hand because of expertise and experience? Capitalize on your advantages.

Be wary of jumping into a sector where the learning curve is prohibitively steep. Also, avoid tedious and uninspiring work. Pursue an idea that challenges you, aligns with your passions, and keeps you engaged without becoming an exhausting grind. When the brand fits your lifestyle and mindset, it is easier for you to create fresh content and promote it on social media.

Tap into the knowledge base and needs of your network. When you can start a company that offers value to other companies and professionals, your connections will naturally evangelize for you. Figure out where you can leverage their experience and know-how to trade time and services.

Use the preceding tips to establish the perfect business for you. When you’ve systematically narrowed your options to the optimal niche, you’ll be primed to build your brand into a top-notch success.


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