Keys to Carving Out Space for Business at Home

The following is a guest post from Amy Collett of

Are you a senior rethinking how you balance your life by bringing your business into your home? This makes finding a healthy equilibrium far easier — but only when your transformation is done properly. We want to ensure your success on both the home and professional fronts, so Hayse Marketing invites you to read on for some key points.  

Best Business Practices

Starting your business out professionally sets the tone for prosperity, and it helps reduce the chance for hiccups later on. With that in mind, hammer out a few of the duller details that actually help set you up for success. 

Just like any other business, begin with a budget. Ensuring your finances are in order will allow you to make good entrepreneurial decisions. Research into what expenses you’ll have, and do some forecasting to help you create a firm financial footing. This will also inform your business plan, which will come in handy if you need to apply for grants or loans.

It’s also important to establish your company structure. Many budding entrepreneurs like an LLC thanks to its scalability, tax advantages, and personal asset protection. These qualities can make an LLC more palatable than other structures, and as an added perk, you can skip paying for the help of an attorney by filing online yourself through a formation service. Then, with the dull stuff tackled, you can address your physical work environment.

Functional Details

How does your space support your business? And how does it inhibit it? Think through the answers to these questions in order to move forward. Maybe you love your double oven but need more countertop space to cool scones and box them up to send off for deliveries — not to mention more room for the delivery van to come and go. Or perhaps you simply need more privacy from your bustling family. 

Sometimes remodeling or adding onto your home is in order, and other times you just need to rethink your space. Perhaps the garage could give up a bay and you’ll expand the kitchen, or maybe the kids’ playroom should be sacrificed to become your office. Other times, a whole new house—one that better meets your needs—is a must. Just make sure you know how much you can afford to spend on a new house. Although you want enough space to make the workspace comfortable, you don’t want to put yourself in dire financial straits.

Whether you elect to move or not, be sure to consult with your agent. With professional advice on what is available on the market, what changes bring good ROI, and avoiding choices that could damage your home value, you can move forward with a plan that is sensible for both your personal and professional happiness. 

Elevate Your Look With Lighting

You’ve probably noticed that the time of day, in addition to the type of lighting you use, has a big effect on your productivity. Using a dimly lit corner of your bedroom as an office may be more conducive to sleep than creating a spreadsheet, while a bright, clean workspace may make you feel as invigorated in the morning as a cup of coffee. 

When choosing the hue of your lights, TCP notes that color can have an effect on your wakefulness as well as your mood: blue or white lights can provide stimulation, while warmer colors of light can make you feel relaxed and will not disturb your sleep if you work close to bedtime. And consider switching to energy-efficient bulbs if you haven’t already; SparkEnergy says they can save you as much as $75 annually.

Clean Your Space for Clients

If your clients regularly visit your home office, you will need to keep the space clean and free of the clutter that could distract them from the purpose of the meeting. Hire a weekly maid service if you don’t have time to tidy up, and consider purchasing a diffuser or incense burner that will transform the room with scent as your clients enter.

If you are serious about a home-based business, it’s time to get equally diligent about creating your ideal work environment. Professionalize your processes and space to ensure your venture’s success, and you will be able to finish your renovation projects in no time with the help of the right professionals.


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