Recap: Social Media Day Wichita | By: Olivia Hayse, Co-Founder

As some of you know, I recently moved from Texas to Kansas. While excited to move, I was bummed out to miss both Social Media Week: Austin and SXSW: Interactive. To my joy (and to the joy of many other local marketers I’m sure), Digital Wichita recently hosted Social Media Day: Wichita. Read on to hear my speaker and strategy highlights!

Checking out the speaker lineup, I had not heard of any of them except one: Dennis Yu. He has long been an expert on Facebook Ads, but I especially appreciated his recap of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent hearing in Washington. The highlight of his session was this train of thought: that complaining about every little algorithm change is a losing strategy. Simply create stronger content and you will eliminate the competition every time. Yu also talked about the importance of implied (or perceived) authority. This is the idea that it is more powerful to get others talking about you than to just talk about yourself all the time. For strategy, he suggests “incepting” your audience by posting 1 minute videos and boosting them for $1/day. Build awareness, cultivate engagement, and convert – $1 at a time!

Next up: Youtube star Amy Landino. She made a great point that a Youtube video view is stronger than a Facebook video view. On Facebook, video views are typically unintentional; while on Youtube, video views are typically intentional. That user most likely searched for a topic, was presented your video on it, and then proceeded to click on it. Landino also pointed out that a video lasts way longer on Youtube than on any of the social media platforms. Strategy wise, she suggests at least one 5 minute video per week. My favorite part was when Landino talked about gear. She said the absolute best camera to use for someone just starting out is… the camera closest to you. Translation: don’t overthink it, just press the record button already!

Finally, “change evangelist” Brian Fanzo. Don’t you just love that title? If you’ve worked in this industry for any amount of time then you know the only constant is change. It’s our job to weather those changes gracefully. Fanzo answered a question I get from clients all the time, “how do we keep up with the ever changing landscape?” His answer was to market for today, but listen for tomorrow. Meaning focus your energies on the platform (or strategy) you know is working for you today, but always have your ear to the ground and be ready to pivot in the future. I also really appreciated his advice on defining success before you do anything else. When you are making your marketing plan, don’t let Facebook Insights or Google Analytics dictate what indicates your success – define it yourself and work backwards from there. In terms of strategy Fanzo said to focus on your audience, consistency, and story. Don’t tell people what you sell, tell them what you do or why you do it!

Other speakers included Joel Comm, Chris Strub, and Travis Wright. There were also workshops on Facebook ads, storytelling, social media for nonprofits, and even cryptocurrency. I’ve been to several conferences and I have to say, I appreciated the flexible schedule and cost of Social Media Day: Wichita. I definitely plan to attend again in the future (as well as any other Digital Wichita events). Lastly, I am working with the team over at Lee Media Group to establish a monthly WordPress ICT Meetup group and eventually a Wordcamp in Wichita! Follow us on Facebook for more info:


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