5 Marketing Agency Stressors – And How To Avoid Them!

Every marketing agency has their horror stories. Many involve a client not knowing exactly what they want and the situation can quickly turn into a downward spiral of disaster. Over the years, we have found that whenever a project is headed that way there are always red flags. We have gathered up our top marketing agency stressors, and have provided some tips on how you can keep your relationship with your marketing team powerful.

  1. Pitting Marketing Against Sales. Look at it like buying into multiple streaming subscriptions. There’s HBO, Netflix, Hulu – but do you really need all of them? After all who wants to keep adding $10-$15 to your monthly bill? Eventually it will add up and you will end up paying for the same services more than once. So, if you already have a marketing contract in place, please consult with them before bringing on a sales person. If not, you are asking for trouble.
  2. Not Giving Marketing Enough Time To Settle In. The old saying goes “it never happens overnight.” It couldn’t be more true when applied to content marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects need at least two to three months before you see any organic results attached to your brand – sometimes less, but sometimes more. And once you do start to see organic results, the worst thing you can do is take a break. You’d be surprised how quickly you can undo months of work.
  3. Getting Outsider Advice That Collides With Marketing. People will say all sorts of crazy things, “that won’t work, that doesn’t make sense.” But what it comes down to is that your marketing team are the professionals, that is why you hired them in the first place. Also, discussing business with outside voices may be seen as unprofessional. Bottom line: trust the process.
  4. Not Having Open Lines Of Communication. It’s easy to expect a magician to perform tricks. But only a magician can be a magician. Marketing requires a steady line of communication. You have to be comfortable and respectful when expressing what you like or do not like in your social media or blog content. Don’t pretend like marketing is a scary island you don’t want to travel to; your marketing team can be your very powerful ally – if you master communication with them.
  5. Not Clearly Stating Your Goals. Marketers are not mind readers – though, we wish we were. From the initial meeting, it’s crucial to know what your goals are for a project. Whether graphic design, social media marketing, or blog content – it doesn’t matter, be open about what you want. If not, creative liberties can and will be taken.

All in all, marketing should be a peaceful agreement between two businesses in which both can become more successful. Follow the rules, and your business can achieve greatness; don’t follow the rules, and you’re going nowhere – fast. Our staffers are always ready and willing to meet new potential partners – contact us today to get scheduled!

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