Spotlight: Hayse Marketing Producer, Michael

Every employer is looking for a multi-skilled employee who can not only get the job done but add something unique to the company. Michael Vybiral was that find for Hayse Marketing. Coming up on 2 years of working for us, he’s dipped his hand in video production, graphic design, website design, and content writing. One of the best things about Michael – he is ambitious. He wants to do everything and can master anything given enough time. When he’s not working for Hayse Marketing, you can find him volunteering as a CASA, delivering sweet tunes from his violin, or even be performing theatrically on stage.

What else is there to know about our Marketing Producer? He is a 2014 graduate of Concordia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Practically the same degree as our co-founder, Olivia, which is a big reason they get along so well. Michael adds a layer of eccentricity to our team, which makes for truly engaging visual content.

As a client of Hayse Marketing, you get the privilege of having Michael on your team. Why do you want a diverse social creative on your team? The answer can be summed up into two main reasons. First, Michael is highly effective. Self admittedly, his favorite task is video production. While he mostly produces videos optimized for social media, it is his knowledge of digital marketing as a whole that makes these videos effective. Second, Michael has unique perspective. His work in the arts and overall attitude lend a point of view that otherwise would not be considered. For that, our entire team is so grateful.

At Hayse Marketing, we love supporting other small businesses and supporting the New Braunfels community through educational opportunities, jobs, and volunteering. The other marketing companies we partner with and the staff we chose to bring on are handpicked by their talents and values. We believe every business has stories worth telling and people making a difference. For help telling your story, contact us today for a free marketing consultation!

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