Social Media Week Independent: Austin

Did you know there is an entire week dedicated to celebrating all things social media? Our co-founder Olivia attended the first ever Social Media Week Independent up in Austin, hosted by our friends at Best Practice Media. Today we dive into her notes to share the latest and greatest social media tactics with you.

When it comes to social media strategy, remember that technology punishes complacency. You absolutely must work with a team that is clued into all the updates coming from the major social media companies. The best social media teams are made up of both strategists + creatives. Your social media team should know that it is human nature to connect 1×1 and that social media should feel like a two-way street. While large scale messages are important, remember that small connections often lead to big things.

Did you know that Americans now have an average attention span of only 8.25 seconds? At that same time, there are 400 hours of video uploaded to You Tube every minute. Here are a few more video marketing stats for you: brands with You Tube videos are 53x more likely to show in search results, 80% of all consumer traffic online will be videos by the year 2020, websites with videos have 2x more conversions than websites without videos. In short – you should be using videos as part of your marketing.

When trying to determine platform geography, your website should always be your home. Good blog posts are constantly broadcasting permanent messaging divorced from all social media platforms (and their ever-changing rules). If you do not have time to blog, consider working with a content agency or building connections with existing local bloggers or influencers. Like Public Relations (PR) contacts, influencers can be a great resource for small businesses. When choosing an influencer, don’t count out the “micro-influencers,” or those who might have a smaller following but are in your specific niche. The overall goal is authentic storytelling.

81% of Americans now own smart phones and the #1 activity on smart phones is social media. While you can’t tell people what platforms to use, you should try and get your content on as many platforms as possible. Social media is no longer an option and is key to your brand health. In this world of short “snackable” content it’s important to set your story, start with the emotion behind your business and build from there. At the end of the day, make content you would enjoy seeing in your timeline.

Perhaps the newest social media marketing strategy is that of segmented content. That is custom marketing pieces micro-targeted to personas based on what they are doing and where they are at. Gone are the days of targeting boring demographic data like age and gender. If you would like to discuss a micro-targeting strategy for your business, contact us today!

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