Social Media Marketing Trends To Try In 2017!


When it comes to social media marketing trends to watch for 2017, let’s first discuss some slight shifts in how businesses should now be using primary platforms. Facebook should still be your top platform, but depending on your industry and customer demographic you might change the way you use Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. While Twitter got a bump thanks to this past election cycle, we are seeing it being primarily used for hobbyists looking to engage or for live coverage during events.  Instagram is still your top visual platform, primarily serving ages 40 or less. For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is still your top “professional” platform – just be sure to have a company page filled out and be on the lookout for the new advertising dashboard!

Easily the one platform that has social media marketers everywhere buzzing and planning for 2017 is Snapchat. If your target demographic is ages 25 or less, then you should probably be on Snapchat. While our early attempts at Snapchat for businesses were seemingly underwhelming, the upcoming addition of analytics and sponsored content is enough to have us revisiting the platform. Early adapters are seeing lower ad spend and better performing content. A favorite tool has been the free community geofilters – give those a try! Another social media trend to watch for in 2017 is the increase in accounts dedicated to customer support. “Social Support” channels can be great for brands, both strategically and financially – just make sure you have clearly posted policies about response time, types of requests handled on that channel, etc.

Lastly, below are some of our favorite social media marketing tips for you to consider this year. If you need help planning, simply contact us today for a free 1×1 consultation!

1.     Stay on message.

2.     Be specific with your ads.

3.     Invest in social listening tools.

4.     Focus on doing 2-3 platforms really well.

5.     Have a social media crisis management plan in place.

6.     Use your website as a hub for all content and all channels

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