The Difference Between Marketing & Sales (and what it means for your small business)

Anyone in business can tell you that the relationship between marketing and sales is often times obscure. While not the same thing, it is important that these two aspects of business work hand-in-hand. It is marketing’s job to build brand awareness, making it easier for sales to close leads. Take away marketing and you will almost always find depressing returns. For small business owners, managing the yin and yang relationship of marketing and sales can be challenging (especially since most modern companies have them set up as two separate departments) but for the sake of your brand, you must encourage communication between the two.

So, what exactly does marketing do differently than sales? The answer is simple. Marketing does anything and everything it can do to sell your company’s image. This can include branding, social media, paid advertising, and public relations. Marketing is a bridge of communications between business owners and their potential consumers. However, if what is promised by marketing is not found on the other side, those bridges can easily be burned. This is why a good sales team is imperative. What goes on during interpersonal sales interactions will define your business to the public. Remember, people do business with people they like. Whether it’s building local partnerships, networking, or answering phone calls  – your sales team has to sell.

At the end of the day, it’s important that small business owners know that marketing and sales are not the same, but that both are needed to be successful. If you are looking for a way to make your leads a little warmer or to get consumers to stop scrolling long enough to read your offers then contact us today for a free marketing consultation!

For further reading, check out our blog post from June 2015 about the difference between marketing & advertising.

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