Upgrade Your Tracking with The Facebook Pixel

   As marketers, one of the most critical – and oft-forgotten – aspects of successful campaign maintenance is tracking.  As we discussed in last month’s blog, gathering and analyzing data helps prove the effectiveness of an ad, or provides a guide for more successful ad creation.  Traditionally, analyzing the results of an ad and translating the resulting numbers into a useful percentage to determine the effects of the ad is a lengthy, convoluted affair, involving a large number of detailed and often-arcane steps.  However, with the Facebook  Pixel, tracking customer behavior has never been easier.

    Facebook Pixel is a smart tool that allows you to track and report on customer site activity, using the results to retarget advertising to the customer’s Facebook feed and eventually convert the customer from ‘Facebook fan’ to ‘active customer’.  Essentially engaging your website’s audience by studying the pages they visit and actions they take, Facebook Pixel works a lot like a team of marketing analysts.  When setting it up, either choose to just track website visits or add parameters that provide a detailed picture of your target audience and their activity.  This will enable you to optimize delivery to people likely to take action, then spread your ads to similar audiences.  After studying the customer base, their needs, their behavior towards the product, and their overall user experience of your website, the Facebook Pixel will provide you with significantly more accurate Facebook advertising results..

    This can be broken down even further by tracking specific conversions, like keywords searched, items added to cart, forms submitted, and more.  This applies to all site visitors – not just those who have clicked on Facebook ads.  While the Facebook Pixel is useful for new user acquisition, it is especially effective when used in the conversion of existing fans to active users, increasing customer retention rates by a significant degree.

Ultimately, the Facebook Pixel enables you to discover which ads lead to certain actions and which are the most successful overall.  Thanks to Facebook’s ever-growing base of over 1.71 billion users, this will help fine-tune your ads and eventually provide you with a higher return on investment.  For more information on the Facebook Pixel, take a look at their getting started document and help articles..

As experienced, results-driven marketers with a focus on detail in conjunction with style, Hayse Marketing works to turn basic fans into engaged customers.  To discuss marketing strategies, develop a campaign, or analyze existing reports, contact us today!

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