Online Marketing Analytics – Know Your Terms!

The Hayse Marketing team is gearing up for some exciting changes. One of those is implementing automatic monthly reporting for all of our ongoing clients. We are partnering with one of the best software companies out there to provide robust reporting on all platforms – from your website to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Linked In.

Why go through all the trouble? For starters, we love data! It’s powerful and makes for well informed business owners. One of the reasons we concentrate so heavily on online marketing mediums is the fact that your results can always be proven. While we thoroughly enjoy page and pages of data, we understand it might seem like a foreign language to many small business owners. So, we’ve collected some of the most important terms you may see on your reporting.

  • Engagement – how many times a user interacted with your social media content.
  • Reach – how many users saw your social media content.
  • Session – how many times a user actively engages with your website.
  • User – individual visitors to your website.
  • Pageview – how many times a page is loaded or re-loaded in a browser.
  • Bounce Rate – percentage of users who came to your website and left without engaging.
  • Source – where users are right before your website, usually either a search engine or social media.
  • Medium – how users arrive at your content and is typically either organic, direct, or a campaign.
  • Campaign – Google paid ad to drive users to your website.

Whether you are looking for a new online marketing team who can provide regular reporting or for some assistance going over an existing report, please contact us. We are happy to help!

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