Facebook Events Summit at SXSW!

    We may not have gotten to listen to famous keynote speakers or rocked out at a concert, but the Hayse team was honored to attend the first ever Facebook Events Summit as part of SXSW. We got to hear directly from Facebook staffers about how business owners can use Facebook Events to promote their events and increase attendance as well as hear about upcoming new tools. Believe it or not, the Facebook Events team is dedicated to refining their processes so as to improve and encourage life off Facebook.

    According to one of Facebook’s client partners, 1 out of every 5 minutes of our day is spent on either Facebook or Instagram. Also, 2016 is the first year that digital and mobile ad spend will surpass that of radio and television. With stats like that, it’s now more important than ever to put out “thumb stopping” content.

    A major piece of promotional content we discussed was the use of photos and video. Facebook staffers demonstrated what images event promoters should and should not be using. For instance, your entire concert flyer probably isn’t the best image to use on social media. Remember that you cannot use more than 20% text in Facebook ad images and besides that, who wants to read a bunch of text anyways? Try using a group of images and setting up a carousel ad. Facebook staffers also spoke about live streaming and 360 degree videos becoming more and more popular.

    Perhaps one of the coolest updates to Facebook Events set to roll out later this year is native ticket sales. Soon you will be able to sell and purchase tickets directly on Facebook. No extra links, no more going off app – just a fast, simple purchase. Combine that with an update to event specific analytics and you have a promoters dream!

    One final tip, when using Facebook Events remember that they can be beneficial before, during, and after your event (ie. pre-sale announcements, boosting ticket sales, and sharing favorite moments). With all this new insight, the Hayse Marketing team is ready to market your event. Hayse Marketing brings affordable content and design to the New Braunfels area,  contact us today for a free marketing consultation!

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