How Small Businesses Can Leverage Data Driven Marketing In 2016

At Hayse Marketing we use the most effective marketing strategies available to maximize positive business to customer interactions. One of the most productive measures we have found is through the use of Data Driven Marketing, or the concept of engaging customers more effectively by using relevant data.

Dean Hayse (Hayse Marketing Co-Founder) believes that while digital marketing can make it more difficult to get across a personal feel to consumers, it can definitely still be accomplished on a large scale by closely consulting your marketing data and analysis. Marketing data can include customer service data, customer satisfaction data, as well as customer usage and behavior online. 

“Personas are out,” Dean says. “By the time your company develops a persona the customers have changed their minds or bought from a competitor. Use data collected at a lead level to create a customer centric marketing experience in real time.”

Your customers will appreciate your effort to personalize marketing for them but this doesn’t mean they’ll appreciate their social security number in the subject lines of their emails or a selfie in banner ads. No one wants to repeat the Target scandal when a young woman started getting advertisements for new mothers before her family even knew she was pregnant. So, how do we utilize data driven marketing without coming off as “stalkerish?” We suggest warming up to the more intimate personalizations. Start by addressing potential customers by name in emails and as you get to know your customers you can begin to make recommendations on products or content based on browsing behavior.

Remember, modern customers expect some degree of personalization in advertising. It makes their experience more real and convenient. 74% of marketers expect to increase their Data Driven Marketing budgets in 2016. Because so much of your money is spent collecting data, we put this data to work for you. Your customer will come to appreciate not only your product but the experience your brand provides. To find out exactly how Hayse Marketing can put your data to work contact us today!

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