Content Marketing For Small Businesses



Content Marketing is a strategic form of marketing focused on creating and distributing relevant and valuable content. The goal of this ongoing process is to make sure your brand is recognized throughout the internet – and the key to that is content. Your content must cause a person to stop, read, think, and perhaps even behave differently. Content marketing will draw leads to your brand. Those leads will create various opportunities which in turn will create sales. And once those leads become loyal customers, the process begins again!

Content marketing is nothing new to the Hayse Marketing team, as we’ve always believed in telling a story and selling an idea versus just selling a product. Many of our clients are already utilizing content marketing – whether or not they know the phrase. If we are in control of your website, you will most likely have blog posts (or optimized landing pages) that are also shared on social media and emailed out to your fans. It is important to note that on social media, content curation is just as important as content marketing. We take careful thought regarding what relevant and timely news or articles are shared on our client’s pages. Also important to note is that content marketing is very much an ongoing process in which consistency is important. You should have new landing pages being published to your website at least every 30 days, while looking at your analytics to see how your content is performing and adjusting accordingly.

We believe in the 4 Cs, over and over again:

  • Collaborate

  • Communicate

  • Create

  • Connect

You may hear other marketers refer to “inbound marketing,” which is merely the concept of bringing leads in versus attracting them using traditional marketing techniques. The term “inbound marketing” was coined by the CEO of the software company Hubspot and is a sure fire way to tell whether your marketer learned content marketing through experience or through another company’s certification process. Just remember that the heart of “inbound marketing” is still content! Now, what can we create for you today? Contact us to get started.

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