Hayse Marketing + The Social Media Mothership

Recently our co-founder Olivia and Senior Marketing Assistant Kristy had the privilege of attending an exclusive meet up event at Facebook Headquarters in Austin, Texas! As the self-proclaimed original content marketers in New Braunfels, the Hayse Marketing team is known among online communities and ended up connecting with Facebook staff which ultimately resulted in this very exciting invite! At the event they were able to connect with other small business owners, other marketing firms, and get a tour of the Facebook offices!

While the event was mostly fun, they were able to get some work done as well. They connected with Facebook Editor Community Manager Connie and were able to discuss some issues regarding merging Facebook pages. Their biggest piece of advice on this is still to be very careful who you add as admin on your page and be very careful not to create duplicate pages! They also connected with Facebook for Business Community Manager Kelly and discussed the possibility of piloting local meet ups in New Braunfels! Olivia will be working closely with Facebook over the next few months to see if she can bring this program to fruition – stay tuned!

Have you ever wondered where you can check to stay up to date on all the latest Facebook news and updates? Check outhttps://www.facebook.com/business/news.

Have you ever seen a business page with incorrect information and wanted to submit a correction? Check out https://www.facebook.com/editor! You can keep score and compete with your friends on edits accepted and even get an accuracy score. Olivia is on Level 6 with an accuracy score of 88% – can you beat her? Remember, “Small Fixes, Big Impact.”

In conclusion, if you are needing help with your existing Social Media profiles or if you are wanting to get started on Social Media, you might as well utilize the home grown team that happens to have a direct line to Facebook. Contact us for a free marketing consultation today!

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