An Interview With Hayse [Online] Marketing

Anyone looking for website development or social media marketing knows there are plently of folks in town who can help with online marketing services. As with any industry, there are always differences in brands. What is the Hayse Marketing difference? Hayse Marketing Co-Founder, Olivia Hayse, and Senior Marketing Assistant, Kristy Olson, took the time to sit down and talk about what separates them from the rest.

Q: What can potential clients expect when it comes to cost?

Olivia: We’re pretty flexible in comparison to other marketing firms. In San Antonio, you’ll find a website costs about an average of $9,000. We are here to bring online marketing to other New Braunfels based businesses – including mom and pop shops – so we’re simply not going to charge that much.

Kristy: Just because you pay for a $9,000 website doesn’t mean you can easily navigate the pages or make updates. Hayse Marketing works to make sure that your website is easy to use and that you are in charge of your message.

Q: How is Hayse Marketing more involved with their clients when it comes to content marketing?

Olivia: We have been practicing content curation since before it was a buzzword. We were the first marketing team in New Braunfels to focus on content and we want to continue not only posting engaging content for our clients but for them to understand the importance of such content.

Kristy: Businesses need to consistently generate new content in order to be successful online. We’ll know by your analytic data what your fans are truly engaging with and help you maintain a strong presence.

Q: What are some things Hayse Marketing does that others might not?

Olivia: I know that today’s consumers crave two things: instant gratification and voice. I don’t believe in just blanket paid advertising with no human element behind it. Also, this industry changes fast and you need people who can give you the most up to date news and tactics.

Kristy: We believe your website can maintain a fancy look that catches one’s eye while also being clean and informative. Remember that your website is normally the first impression of your business, before even speaking in person odds are folks have already looked at your online presence.

Q: What is Hayse Marketing doing for the community?

Olivia: One of my goals is to create jobs. I see no reason why qualified candidates right out of high school or even college should have to go to San Antonio or Austin (or further) to start their marketing careers. Also, I want to promote New Braunfels as a whole. This community is my home and I want everyone to love it as much I do.

Q: What do you see in the future for Hayse Marketing?

Olivia: Our population is constantly rising and that means people will need our help promoting their businesses more than ever. I want to empower small business owners to take their marketing into their own hands. We will be here for a long time and whenever you need us. We will sit down with any business large or small for a 1×1 consultation free of charge, contact us to get scheduled today!

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