Social SEO

A hot button argument amoung online marketers right now is whether or not SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Social Media is the better bang for your buck. We recently read a Hubspot publication that said, “It’s better to do one thing well, than two things well.” We must simply disagree. The answer to SEO vs. Social Media is simple: a perfect combination of both is what you need to get your brand seen online. For most businesses it comes down to labor hours; both SEO and Social Media rely on consistently updated relevant content and can take a lot of time. That is where HMMS comes in, we can offer your business the bandwidth to benefit from both tools!

Let’s start with a few benefits of SEO. We’ve said it before that if customers can’t find you on the Google, you may as well not exist. In fact, 44% of online buyers begin their research via a search engine. You as the business owner (or your awesome marketing firm) control what keywords and phrases are associated with your website,  and therefore have the opportunity to get highly targeted leads.

Now let’s talk about the magical monster that is Social Media. Unlike SEO, Social Media is driven by user generated content. Gen Y is now the largest consumer group in history, which means your brand has the opportunity to reach more screens in less time if your Social Media Marketing is done right!

Speaking of Social Media I want to touch base on a few Twitter basics. It is important that your Twitter Brand Page be fully customized with a cover photo and CTA (Call to Action) specifically for your audience. And while 140 characters are allowed, to ensure you don’t lose content when re-tweeted stick to 120-130 characters. Lastly I’ve been asked the difference between a reply and a mention: a reply is when the @username appears at the beginning of the tweet and is only seen by people who follow you both, a mention is when the @username is anywhere else in the tweet and can be seen by anyone.

Introducing: Vine! In case you missed it Twitter is now allowing video tweets for 6 seconds via an Apple app called Vine. This is a perfect way for business to tease new products or show behind the scenes content to further engage your customers. We here at Hayse Marketing Management Services would love to get together with you and make on online marketing stragety for your business!

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